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Sol-de-miel ecommerce launch

Sol-de-Miel North American eCommerce Launch & Marketing




When artisanal B2C jewelry brand Sol-de-Miel set to expand their business into the North American market in 2020, they knew that a well designed ecommerce website with a clear brand identity will help them to tap into the booming digital economy during and post the pandemic

But what started out as a website building project didn't just stop there. Over the next few weeks, we went above and beyond, delivered to the client not only a stylish and unique platform where it is easy for consumers to browse and shop fashion jewelry, but also one that has a strong brand narrative, consistent look and feel, organized CRM and SEO strategy, and a ROI-driven customer acquisition campaign on multiple social media platforms that together helped the client to have launch their eCommerce business successfully in just three months. 







Building an eCommerce website for an established brick-and-mortar store is one thing. But building an eCommerce store whiling defining its target audience, mapping out optimal CX, adding on holistic content and marketing strategy that drives traffic and sales is quite a different game. 


We kicked off our engagement with an insights survey with out client and a competitive analysis of similar fashion jewelry eCommerce websites to help us hone in on the kind of information architecture and mood board we want to create.

We then complimented this exercise with user data. By  interviewing the company's target customers,  understanding their behaviors and personal goals in online jewelry shopping, we were able to create 3 main personas for the company, and a website user flow that aims specifically to help all 3 personas to achieve their goals while browsing 


For additional use cases such as returned customers or abandoned carts, for example, we further developed a reward system, a collection index page, email drip campaigns and abandoned cart promos to make sure we continue to help the company grow their CLV and that no customer leaves the Sol-de-Miel digital experience uninspired

Over the next month, we dove right into developing a prototype while helping the client creating a resounding look and feel that differentiates its site from other eCommerce players in the North American market. Finally, over a two-week period, we solicited real feedback on the prototype and worked to improve both desktop and mobile version of the site before making live just under the two month mark.


In parallel, our digital experts developed a holistic marketing and content strategy that ensured the website receive immediately traffic and attention once it's live.


Google Analytics


We created Google Analytics conversions and goals so that the client was able to see the individual impacts of Google, Facebook and Instagram advertising and optimize their ongoing Ad spend. Retargeting was also setup to deliver messages to end customers that had left items in shopping carts without making purchases.

Google SEO

We designed a list a SEO keywords and built them into the eCommerce site from a structural and design standpoint. As well, our content team helped the client create a series of blogs that is distributed on its own site and various online channels.


Facebook and Instagram Advertising

We built a series of 3 different Facebook & Instagram Ad campaigns ranging from still-image carousel to 15 sec' videos that targeted customers interested in fashion jewelry and lifestyle topics. We also used the client's own customer data to built look-alike audience and added affinity marketing targeting to drive additional traffic and kept optimizing our budget as we learn and scale. 

Facebook, Instagram Store and Influencer Collaboration

We set up the company's Instagram store inventory from which we directly worked with 10+ micro-influencers over the next few weeks and boosted credibility, traffic and  sale conversion for the eCommerce site.

"They (TechArc) didn't assume it all works. They put themselves in my customers' shoes and did everything they would do online, again and again.
And the result shows."


A 100% mobile and responsive eCommerce website with 18 pages, 6 automated email drip journeys, and 1 reward program that helps the company to grow customer lifetime value (CLV) over the long run. 


The website is also equipped with best -in-class marketing bells and whistles that is optimized for retargeting and conversions, leading to a 300% increase in online sales for the company within 90 days of its launch. 

Finally, our social media activation helped the company to have established a strong foothold in their key social channels and generated over 200K media impressions following the launch of the site.


This, together with the success of the eCommerce store, ultimately set the team Sol-de-Miel up for a bright future.

Inspired by the acclaimed _Minimum Monument_ installation produced by Brazilian artist Nel
CEO 照片

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