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IMAX Private Theater Global Launch


 IMAX Corporation


In 2015, When IMAX Corporation, the leader in entertainment technology was looking to launch a completely new B2C brand and product series, the IMAX Private Theatre (IPT) to target ultra-high-net-worth-individuals around the world, we recognized we were going to sail in unchartered territories that isn't for the faint-hearted.

Despite IMAX's 40+ years of expertise in entertainment technology and brand love from its worldwide audience, the new home entertainment brand IPT is new to the market with an extremely high price tag at half a million dollars per unit, thus demands its marketers to be laser-focused on defining the position of the brand and its target customer, while being strategic in media communications and resource deployment across on-and-offline marketing channels.


In the following paragraphs, we will demonstrate how by leveraging key findings from the market research, qualitative insight and product deep dive, we created the ultimate playbook of IPT's brand positioning, assets, marketing & media strategy that ultimately delivered great success for the IPT brand.








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We started by first conducting two paralleled market research to crystalize our target segment and customer profile. In a quantitive research, we looked at the North American and Chinese home theater market potential and the competition. We also looked at demographic and interest data based on purchase behavior, brand affinity and entertainment activities in two markets to understand our customers better. 


In a qualitative research, we interviewed 40+ movie buffs, business owners, interior designers and entertainment professionals, to further profile buyer motivation, painpoints, aspirations, marketing channels and their day in life. 

What we discovered was that while this was a market sector that was relatively niche occupied by some competitions, a high-end brand that offers one-stop home entertainment system, service and movie line-ups would create a transformational market opportunity that differentiates it from the existing players. We knew that we needed to quickly establish brand exclusivity and superiority to capture this opportunity. Therefore, when placing the IPT on a brand spectrum, we decided to build the brand through brand philosophy instead of product line-up. It reflects not just “what we have” and “what we provide”, but more importantly “who we are” and “what we believe in”.


We then dove right into building IPT's  brand positioning that considers both the target customers and the benefits of IPT. 

We established that tech innovation, content, style and service puts IPT a cut above the rest. Its unprecedented, immersive end-to-end  experience appeal to 3 specific target customers based on their market size, purchasing power and buyer intent:

  • The Traditional Power-Controllers

  • The Groundbreakers

  • The Entertainment Circle


In a brand pyramid that mirrors both the functional and emotional needs of these target customers and those of the IPT products, "privacy", "control", "innovation" and "exclusivity" became the perfect vehicle for customers to translate their personal success into enjoying the best that the entertainment world has to offer.

What we did was building a brand promise around identity, attitude, lifestyle and power. From here we established the iconic brand statement that was later repeated on coverages in Forbes, Bloomburg, Robb Report: "Visionaries welcome. Defining the immersive entertainment experience of our time."

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The introduction of IMAX Private Theatre is revolutionary. It allows people to enjoy the essential IMAX movie experience in their private homes, and brings home entertainment to a whole new level.


— Robb Report 


IPT is beyond awesome, I promise, whether in 3D, 2D or just showing standard Blu-rays, high-definition TV pictures, games or even your own GoPro footage from your cycle helmet or surfboard.


— Financial Times


IMAX Private Theatre is a true showcase of the best-of-best in home entertainment sector.


— Huren Report


Not a single visitor who has had the exclusive privilege of experiencing the IMAX Private Theatre Palais Shanghai Showroom wasn’t blown away by its awe-inspiring movie experience.


— Bazaar Men Business


In the months to follow, we worked with the IMAX corporation team and built out a series of brand asset and marketing & sales enablement materials.


From product photography to website; from VI, brand book and product brochures to digital & video advertisements; from CRM documents to user journey optimization, we delivered a world-class execution of the brand's "visionaries welcome" promise through our creativity and hard work.

In product launches and brand partnerships, we successfully organized and supported the 2016 IMAX Private Theatre American and Chinese Launch, Middle Eastern Distributor Grand Opening, AD100 International Designers of the Year Gala, and VIP Events in partnership with Robb Report, Graff Diamonds and Ferretti Yacht. 

In press communications and social media, we generated 70+ pages of in-depth coverage on major global print media and TV channels, delivering a total media value of $18MM. Both Facebook and the Chinese equivalent Wechat also saw major following thanks to our social strategy

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